Ayame Gambourllini Edit

Ayame attends Sweet Amoris Highschool. She currently lives by herself in the same apartment complex.

History Edit

Ayame was born in Rome, Italy and is the daughter of Ayumi Gambourllini and Romano Gambourllini. She didn't stay in Italy for long. Her mother and father started their own businesses and as a result, they moved around quite a bit. When she was around one years old, she met Kentin because his mother and father were really good friends with her mother and father. At the age of six, she went to France and there she met Castiel and Nathaniel. A few years later, at the age of 12 she moved to Japan and stayed for two years and then moved back to France for better schooling.

Ayame has always been bullied for reasons. Whether it be her accent, her big breast size or her long hair. When she began to attend school in Japan, that's when things got worse. She was constantly made fun of for her looks. Ever since a certain incident in Japan she was never the same and as a result, she was diagnosed with depression. It still effects her today but tries not to think about it. When she went back to France, it was a relief because she got reunited with her old friends which made her feel more secure.

Appearence Edit

Ayame has black, long, straight hair that goes down to her waist. She has yellow eyes and is relatively short. Her body is shaped like an hour glass which makes her have big breast and butt. Since Ayame works out, her arms and legs aren't very skinny. She is a little built. Most of the time, You'll see Ayame wear pastel or Adidas clothing. She really likes off the shoulder tops and high-rise shorts. She loves doing nails so she does wear acrylics. She wears light makeup as well. Ayame is Japanese and Italian.

Personality Edit

Ayame she is an eccentric, fun girl who is brave, confident and strong. She loves helping people out and loves to make new friends. Due to Ayame having depression, at times she can become moody and distant. She has her moments when she is shy and calm. A few times you'll notice her being a bit sensitve and paranoid but overall, She is very smart and outgoing and very trustworthy and also very creative. She loves doing hair, makeup and nails. That's her passion. One day she wishes to use her talent and make her own beauty salon. She also loves to draw and sing. She draws to relieve stress and has a blog dedicated to her art. Her music career started in Japan mainly because her mother put her into the music industry. She has a few albums released but she still is working her way up to be a more well know artist. She has a very, adorable face which makes it hard for anyone to deny. Ayame is a very passionate person who loves to put her heart into everything that she does.

Relationship Edit

Ayame is not currently in a relationship

Friends and Family Edit

Ayumi: Ayumi is the mother of Ayame. Ayame loves her mother deeply. She and Ayame's father spoil her a lot. Ayumi can be very over protective when it comes to her daughters. However, ever since Romano has dies, the distance grew between Ayame and her mother.

Romano: Romano, who is now deceased, was the father of Ayame. He as well, loved Ayame very much. He spoiled her the most. She was always his "pumpkin". Recently, he had a very bad sickness and died, leaving Ayame even more depressed than she already was. Ayame and her father had a very close bond and understood each other.

Kentin: She has known Kentin since they were babies. Ever since, they have been very close. She helped him when he got bullied and he attempted to help her.

Armin & Alexy: Ayame's very close best friends. They too, have an inseperable bond and consider each other family. They almost do everything together and laugh together too. Ayame is ready to fight anyone over those two.

Nathaniel: When Ayame was young, they really didn't get along. Years later however, they became really good friends and always help each other out. She also lives next to him. They have their own sense of humor towards each other.

Castiel: One of the first friends she made when she came to France. When Kentin wasn't around, he would stand up for her when she was getting picked on. Ever since, they never stopped talking to each other and became really close. She also helped him when he found out Deborah cheated on him. They both are like brother and sister.

Lysander: She has known Lysander for quite a while. They both share a common interest in music so he's the first person she goes to for advice. She loves to joke around with him a bit as well.

Rosalaya: They are really good friends. They both like to do each other's nails and makeup. Ayame also works at Leigh's clothing store.

Other girls: She likes talking and spending time with them.

Candy girls: Coming soon

Trivia Edit

  • Ayame is 16 years old
  • From time to time, she models for her mother's company
  • She works out with Kentin every weekend
  • She speaks Italian, Japanese, French and English
  • Her favorite animal is the fox
  • She plays volleyball and is a cheer leader
  • Her favorite food is Italian Cuisines and Bubble Tea
  • Ayame has a heavy accent so it's kind of hard to understand her at times
  • Ayame expresses more of her Japanese side than her Italian
  • When Ayame was young, she used to play soccer