Anastasia 'Mimi' ClariS Aiko is a sophomore at Sweet Amoris High, her first real experience in a school.

She is half Japanese, with her mother from Japan, and her father from Italy.

Appearance Edit

Mimi has long, white hair that she normally keeps in two low pigtails, and uneven bangs. She has crystal blue eyes, a beauty mark under her left eye, and a very large bust.

As of recently, she cut her hair to a shoulder length, wavy bob, with side swept bangs.

At home, she keeps her hair in a ponytail, and wears her glasses.

She has a navel piercing, 6 piercings on her left ear, and 3 on her right. She has a tattoo of a dreamcatcher at the back of her neck, and a tattoo of a heart on her right breast.

Personality Edit

Mimi has a very sweet, and caring personality. However, she can get quite oblivious, and sometimes angered quite easily. She's quite shy, and therefore, doesn't make the first move when it comes to making friends.

She however, has a more aggressive side towards her, created by her now deceased, father's actions.

History Edit

As a child, Mimi was always given the affection from others. However, trying to please everyone, meeting their expectations drove her to a certain darkness.

With her widowed mother, she and her sister, Yumi, worked hard to earn money with her father's debt. Because of this, she was home-schooled all her life.

Growing up, she never saw much of the outside world, and was given false information by her mother, who feared for her daughter's safety. However, her mother did not foresee her daughter's curiosity, sneaking out, to catch a glimpse of the outside world.

On her birthday, she snuck out to catch a glimpse of all the Valentine exchanges. However, she didn't notice that someone had been keeping an eye on her, which is where she first met her now ex-boyfriend, Damien.

Unfortunately, with her father's gambling addiction, they were soon in need to leave Japan. However, as he tried to escape a gang's wrath for money, he was killed and found in a back alleyway. Unable to bear with her father's actions, and seeing her family's terror and helplessness, she took up boxing at the age of 7, to calm her down.

Damien was the only one able to calm her down. When she over exerted herself, he was always there for her. Unfortunately, they broke up a year before her leaving to France, where she attended her very first school, Sweet Amoris.

Relationships Edit














Trivia Edit

▪️ Works at a maid café

▪️ Her favourite food is a parfait

▪️ She works out 2 hours a day to relieve stress

▪️ Has always struggled in math class

▪️ Plays on a volleyball team

▪️ Has been playing the violin and piano since a child

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