Zariah is a student who attends Sweet Amoris. She lives in an apartment across from the park with her parents and her younger brother.


Zariah is average height, sometimes taller if she's wear heels or boots. Her hair color is generally perceived as black tinted purple. Her appearance changes over the course of her time at Sweet Amoris.

Early on, she had long flowing hair around waist length. This changed in the Deborah arc when she had a breakdown and cut most of it off. Lysander helped fix her hair style. It has since grown out some and appears more as a bob. The more time passes, the more is grows (slowly, but surely).

The teardrop was also something temporary, as she drew it on her cheek every day after the Deborah incident up until she started to date Lysander.

Zariah's clothing style varies, but usually prefers goth or punk-esque. She wears mostly black, but her feelings towards wearing colors depends on her mood. She has favorite accessories that she will wear with many outfits.


Before transferring to Sweet Amoris, Zariah had difficulties with her peers at her old school. Due to being on the shy side, she was treated rather badly, much like Kentin, who was one of the only people there who stuck with her.

When her classmates started teasing them about being together, Zariah blatantly denied it. This convinced her that she would be regarded a loser as long as she was single, and needed to find a boyfriend. This managed to make her friends with Lucy, who noticed her boy-watching one day. For a while, Lucy tried to set Zariah up on dates with different guys, but none of them clicked with her.

Eventually she met Brett, who helped Kentin during an altercation with an angry jock. Afterwards, she began to feel attracted to his looks and physique. Sharing her thoughts with Lucy, she revealed that he recently became single and would be able to get them together if Zariah wanted. Without taking much thought into it, she agreed. If anything, she wanted to at least repay him for helping Kentin out, even if Brett didn't return her feelings.



As her younger brother, she feels some responsibility to watch over him at school. They don't really get along, but she appreciates him as a person. She pities the fact that he's in love with Melody.


To her belief, her cousin is one of her best friends. They hoarse around often when they hang out. She really wants to set her up with one of the other boys, but is unsure about how to go about it due to Christine's gender alignment.


They started out as complete strangers who didn't know what to make of each other, to awkward lovers. Zariah falsely confessed to having feelings for him early on (to her friends), but then developed into a true affection later on in the school year (after the time of Deborah). She cares very deeply for Lysander, probably more than herself.


When they met, they became fast friends. Though Zariah isn't the most skilled with clothing, she has some similar tastes as Rosa, making them perfect fashion pals. There is no girl at the school that Zariah trusts more than her.


Castiel is Zariah's first crush from Sweet Amoris. She felt attached to him at first, but realized soon enough that they weren't meant to be. Luckily, she had no time to make things awkward between them, so she let the feelings fade off. They are only friends who occasionally joke around with each other.



  • She originally wore glasses.
  • Occasionally wears wigs for fun.
  • Her name is modeled after fantazydreamer, username on My Candy Love[1].